Dear customers,

As a supportive measures that so confined that we can humbly do to help with the situations with regard to the impact of COVID-19, we’ve decided to close our showroom.  But instead, your plan to work with any kinds of cabinets won’t be interrupted.

Instead of visiting your place at the initial stage, we’ll set up a web meeting with you and we’ll try every possible way to realise your plan via the help of the technology we have in hand.

As for our staff, we’ll keep practising physical distancing and all of our staff will be wearing mask and gloves in case we need to visit you.

We’ll try to make sure all the places that we visit has no risk of COVID-19 and that we’ll ask to make sure there is no symptoms for the client that we visit before we send anyone out.

All staff are under strict compliance with the sanitising procedures during and after work days.

We understand that what we can do is very little, but at least we’ll try our best in order to keep our staff as well as our valuable clients in good health and safe!


Toby Liu

CEO of Vancouver Closets Ltd.