Established in 2002, we are a group of interior enthusiasts and our mission is to help people gain more space that they deserve.  We always adhere to our vision, mission and core values to become a unique corporate with our valuable cultures in order to maintain the consistency and smooth flow of our operations throughout the entire corporate.  All of our staff members are pitched to practice according to :

Our Vision : To be a sustained leading and distinct company in the cabinet industry in British Columbia, Canada;

Our Mission : To build a competent service team for creating better living and commercial environment for clients and as a matter of fact, everyone;

Our Value : To commit what has been conveyed to our client and be motivated to accomplish every single project, big or small, in the most sustainable way(s).  To be ethical all-round and be creative, in order to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.  To serve the local with care be responsible to the community in all the way that we can.

We spare no efforts in ever improving ourselves in order to achieve a better result with our services, our products and the flow of our operation, so that in future, we can further lower our costs in realizing your dream home, or dream workspace.  With our cabinets, we hope that your space is filled with functions, esthetic value and a place that will make you happy to stay with all the time.