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We all know Closet Accessories can bring more functional usage for space, but what’s the most popular accessories you need to have?

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We list out the popular items for most of our clients to get, here’s the top 10 items you should know:

If you have a limited size of space, it’s a good way to keep your mirror organize inside the closet. With this revolve design, you and adjust the position to maximum the usage. 

Some cabinet is too low to get everything in touch, you can easily get the shoes or bags by this kind of side basket without stacked.

There’s a way to maximum the storage if the cabinet in too deep to reach. The basket can not only put clothes, any bags, shelves, gloves, hats can be all fold in here!

Best solution for corner space, rotating hanger can give you extra space to put your clothes well.

A tie rack is another good accessory to make use of otherwise empty wall space. 

Display all your belts without rolled up in a drawer, it’s easier to organize with belt rack. Allow you to store multiple belts and protect well on wall.

You don’t have to fold your pants again and again. Trousers rack shows how convenience it is to hang all your pants.

Safe Box

Everyone needs a safe box to keep your treasure well. You should talk with your closet designer and keep the space for the safe box first. 

10項衣櫃必買 五金件- Vancouver closets

This is the one every woman should have for their closets, these accessories can storage your jewelry well and showcase them properly.

Earings, necklaces…… you can find a perfect home for the jewelry you love. 

Charm Box

The most popular item you must have!

Not only for jewelry, charm box also for men to take care their collections, you can use them to display your ties, gloves, belts and jewelry of course! With the no limited design, the divider can be adjusted to what you want it to be. Find several kinds and sizes in our online store

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