How much do custom cabinet cost?

French country kitchen cabinet 

Several factors can affect the cost of a custom cabinet, and we will use the French country kitchen cabinet as an example to explain what may affect the cost. Considering these factors can help you design your kitchen cabinet.


Door/Drawer style

The doors and drawers of French cabinets are usually made with shaker style doors to add to the overall design concept.


Choose accessories that enhance the style. For example, matte handles can increase the retro feel.

Choice of finish

Solid color, smooth wood grains, light-textured and heavy-textured finishes, ultra gloss.

Other features

Customers can choose from a variety of kitchen accessories like baskets, rotating shelves, and seasoning shelves, which can enhance their kitchen experience. 


Experienced carpenters and designers ensure precision in cutting and board materials. The result of custom cabinets lies in combining craftsmanship in the finished product’s details with practical design for daily convenience.


Effective communication is key—from understanding customer needs to providing prompt responses, professional advice, and tailored designs within budget constraints.

Kitchen Cabinet Project


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