What Your Cabinet Color Choice Says About You

Client Story - Use Elegant Orange Highlight Kitchen Space



When we talk about customization, there are a lot of things you have to go through in your mind before communicating with the designer. The common issue is ” What should I choose the style and color for my own cabinet?” “How can I choose from thousand kinds of designs?”

Well, you probably will face the problems that a lot of others also have:

– Too idealistic
– Can’t figure out what you really want
– Didn’t take the color of other furnishings into consideration
– Use too many colors in the design, look messy, and hard to maintain

For these reasons, when we communicate with our clients, we hope that clients can tell us the whole structure design of their place, as well as their expectations, and then propose suitable solutions to integrate the customer’s preferences into the overall design. If you are also troubled by this, you may refer to our customer’s case!​

Highlight your Kitchen with single high-saturated color

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Our client mentioned that the color she likes the most is Hermès orange, so we use the same highly saturated orange as embellishment and make some highlights in the cabinets under the kitchen island, keeping the overall design simplicity and uniqueness.

The surface of the cabinet is not a normal material but uses high-grade pearl white cabinet carcasses, which look elegant and generous.​

Double side cabinets

We made a two-sided design at the corner of the stairs to connect the family room and the kitchen. The open square cabinets also significantly increase the storage space!

Increase visual comfort

For the cabinet on the other side, we chose a light-colored wood grain in the middle of the white cabinet, which makes it visually comfortable and natural, and you will feel relaxed when you return home.

The open-space design, also makes the overall look less oppressive and heavy. At the same time, there is another space for placing decorations, keys, etc., providing for functional purposes.

It is not an easy mission to get design both beauty and functionality. Let our professional designers make the custom cabinets just for you!